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What You Can Expect When Shipping Your Car With DEKT Logistics

Finding a reputable auto shipping service is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle during transportation. A reliable service provider guarantees timely delivery and ensures your car arrives in the same condition it was shipped.

Are you looking for the best car shipping service around? If so, look no further than DEKT Logistics.

Keep reading to learn what to expect when hiring us to ship your vehicle.

The Quote and Booking Process

When you choose DEKT Logistics for your car shipping needs, the process begins with obtaining a quote. Our easy-to-use online form or over-the-phone service allows you to provide all the necessary details about your vehicle, pickup location, and destination to receive an accurate quote. Once you have your quote, booking is just a simple click or call away.

Choosing Your Preferred Transportation Option

At DEKT Logistics, we allow you to choose between open and enclosed transportation for your vehicle. Open transportation is the most common and cost-effective method, with your car being loaded onto an open-air carrier along with other vehicles.

This is an excellent option for standard cars that can withstand exposure to weather and road conditions. On the other hand, enclosed transport offers more protection against the elements and is typically used for high-value or classic cars that require special care during transportation.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Transport

Before we pick up your car, there are a few things you need to do to prepare it for transportation. This includes giving it a good clean, removing personal items, turning off alarms, and ensuring there's only a small amount of fuel in the tank. These steps ensure your vehicle is ready for safe and secure transport.

Car Pickup and Inspection

On the scheduled pickup day, a carrier from DEKT Logistics will meet you to pick up your vehicle. They will carefully inspect your car for any scratches, dents, or other damage and record this in a vehicle condition report.

This important step ensures that the condition of your car is well-documented before transportation. After the inspection, your vehicle will be ready for its journey to the destination.

Transport and Updates

Once your vehicle is on its way, DEKT Logistics will provide regular updates about its journey. You can expect to receive information about your car's location and an estimated arrival time. This allows you to plan for the pickup of your vehicle and ensures a smooth and stress-free process.

Vehicle Delivery

Upon arrival at the destination, our carrier will carefully unload your car and inspect it again for any changes in its condition during transportation. You can also inspect your car and confirm its safety before signing off on delivery.

Contact the Best Car Shipping Service Today!

With DEKT Logistics, you can expect top-notch service, timely delivery, and safe vehicle transportation. Your satisfaction is our top priority!



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